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The Agiliant Affiliate Network ™ Offers an Innovative Model for Expanding the Value Proposition of Business Technology Dealers and Service Providers

KIRKLAND, Wash. - the master managed services provider behind the MITOS(TM) (Managed Information Technology and Output Services) solution suite, today announced the official launch of its partner program that provides office and information technology dealers, resellers and services providers with a new approach to substantially broadening their respective go-to-market and solution delivery capabilities. 

Agiliant is the centralized management and delivery engine of the Agiliant Affiliate Network(TM) (AAN), a highly integrated and synchronized network of managed services providers that have each been carefully evaluated and selected as best of breed in their respective markets nationwide. The AAN is currently made up of early adopting office technology and IT services providers who shared a common goal: to offer customers an all-inclusive IT management and maintenance solution that creates competitive advantage and differentiation for their company without the burdens of substantial upfront capital, a long time to market or the alienation of existing business, which are all incumbent challenges of acquiring or building the capabilities independently.

AAN member companies are exclusively licensed to offer the MITOS(TM) solution, encompassing a complete suite of managed IT services that fully integrate the conventionally disparate business offerings of Managed Print Services (MPS) and Managed Network Services (MNS). But that is only one facet of the many benefits and value that come from affiliation. Members of the AAN also receive comprehensive support, training, tools and all the materials necessary to successfully sell, implement and deliver the MITOS solution.

Chip Miceli, President of Des Plaines Office Equipment (DPOE), a leading independent office technology product and services company in the Chicago market and an original member of the Agiliant Affiliate Network explains,

"I'd seen the market convergence that everyone's talking about now coming for some time, in fact I acquired an MNS company several years ago in an effort to get ahead of the curve because the commoditization of MPS has made it more challenging to add new accounts and maintain even reasonable profitability while defending those we have. But providing a truly integrated solution that offers economies, efficiencies and value to both DPOE and our customers - as opposed to simply maintaining both MPS and MNS services under one roof - is extremely difficult, not to mention time, resource and investment intensive. Membership in the AAN has allowed us to flexibly leverage what we have and utilize Agiliant and the AAN for what we don't to provide our customers a truly unique, complete and valuable solution for managed IT services."

Affiliates in the AAN not only receive all the resources they need to integrate MITOS into their existing business, they also benefit from centrally coordinated and managed national service coverage with standardized solution offerings, service levels and pricing, allowing them to target and effectively compete for major national accounts in their markets in addition to SMBs. AAN members also enjoy the economies of network buying power on products and services; collaboration and coordinated sharing of best practices with other best of breed providers; and customized services that enable them to optimize and efficiently scale their financial, operational, service and sales functions to grow their MITOS business within both new and existing accounts.

Aric Manion, CEO of Kelley Imaging Systems in Seattle, WA and original member of the AAN added,

"I initially saw the AAN primarily as an opportunity to broaden my value proposition and differentiate my services from competitors, which I've been able to do by successfully entering a new space [MNS] with the MITOS offering that I would've had no way of doing before, other than buying another company and shouldering all the risk in doing so. What I didn't foresee was the incredible and immediate impact this would have on the bottom line of the business. The operations, services and sales plans developed by Agiliant will net hundreds of thousands of dollars to my operating income in the first year. We're poised for an extremely successful 2012 and membership in the AAN is paramount to our strategy."

The AAN is not a franchise model, nor is it merely an outsourced NOC (Network Operations Center). Affiliates in the Network maintain their own client relationships and economics, but are guided through every step of the sales cycle - from lead development, assessments, solution architecture, contracts and agreements to marketing, implementation and delivery - in order to ensure optimum success. The value proposition to members of the AAN is unlike any other in the industry, so the number of Affiliates in the AAN has grown steadily in 2011 even while it was in a development mode.

With the model now well established, the focus of Agiliant will be to grow the AAN into a highly coordinated national services force that will successfully deliver the full MITOS solution in every major US market from coast to coast.

About Agiliant

Agiliant is a master managed services provider of information technology (IT) solutions that optimize the IT function of organizations of all sizes to better meet their specific and changing needs, while reducing costs and diminishing the many business risks and vulnerabilities that reside within the corporate IT infrastructure. Agiliant's MITOS(TM)(Managed Information Technology & Output Services) managed services offering provides a highly effective best practice for efficiently managing all aspects of business IT systems, assets and operations, while delivering complete cost and service level predictability. Agiliant provides the core services and solutions engine behind a highly integrated nationwide network of leading technology service providers to deliver complete visibilIT, vitalIT and manageabilIT for business(TM).

Article featured on NewsBlaze.com on November 15, 2011.