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If you have already bought or leased a device, it is not too late to keep your data secure. DPOE has formulated 3 options to make sure your confidential documents stay confidential.

Option 1

Install a Security Kit on the device
A typical Data Security Kit will:

  • Encrypt data prior to being stored in memory
  • Encrypt all stored data in the hard drive file cabinet
  • Clears all memory after copying, scanning and printing
  • Runs automatically without user initiation

Option 2

Erase, Destroy and Install New Hard Drive
Our Data Sweep Solution with third party HIPPA certification involves erasing your current hard drive, installing a replacement and destroying the old one. 

Option 3

Erase, Keep and Install a New Hard Drive
This option provides you with the opportunity to erase your current hard drive but keep it to do with what you wish, and have a new hard drive installed.