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DPOE wants to ensure that your confidential data does not end up in the wrong hands. We want to make sure you are well informed about the data that your digital output device may be storing. Two solutions have been created to make sure you are not the victim of stolen information.

Data Security

Before You Buy
Know what security is offered before you buy. We provide solutions for Sharp, Kyocera, Copystar and other manufacturers.

After You’ve Bought
It is not too late to start protecting your company’s data. Find out what post-purchase solutions we have available for your Sharp, Kyocera, Copystar, or other manufacturer device.

Did you know…

  • Nearly every digital copier contains one or more hard drives that are capable of storing all types of data.
  • Leased and used copiers are customarily redistributed to buyers, wholesalers, and overseas distributors without having the necessary steps taken to eliminate sensitive data.
  • Although the data stored may be encrypted, it is still possible to gain access to your personal information.
  • Many digital output devices contain the IP addresses of your company’s primary and secondary e-mail server and, in some cases, a secure log-on password.