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What if you had the ability to manage your documents more efficiently and as a result, increase your productivity and reduce costs?

DPOE’s Document Management Solution:

Your Document Management Specialists for Elk Grove, Chicago, and Rockford, IL

Our Solutions 

The great minds at Sharp have developed many document solution options for your Sharp MFPs to help you manage your document workflow more efficiently, control your hardcopy costs, and secure your confidential information.

InfoDynamics, Inc. offers several software programs that are compatible with your current MFPs that allow you to scan, organize, store, secure, retrieve and print documents with ease and precision.

Laserfiche brings you two innovative software programs that allow you to scan and store your documents, eliminating the need for paper documents and bulky filing cabinets. The programs also allow you to create automatic workflows that can simplify your work processes.

With a user-friendly system like PaperCut, you can have a more complete knowledge of your company's printing situation. From low toner to what volume departments and users are printing, you have access to it all in easy to understand and customizable reports.

How You Benefit

  • Improve your document workflow
  • Understand your current needs and future growth plans
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce Costs
  • Organize, Archive and Retrieve information effectively
  • Manage millions of records in seconds
  • Boost document security
  • Speed up document delivery 

Document Management

Not sure what solution will work best for you? Call us at (847) 879-6400 and ask for a document management solution team member.