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A good customer is an informed one. A lot of terms can be thrown at you and become overwhelming, but we want to make sure you understand everything your printer and/or copier may include.

MFP (Multifunctional Printer or Multi Function Peripherals) – An office machine that incorporates the functionality of multiple devices. Features may include: printing, scanning, copying, faxing, e-mailing.

PPM (Pages Per Minute) – This term refers to the amount of pages a piece of equipment can print per minute. The higher the PPM the more prints it can make in that time span.

CPM (Copies Per Minute) – Similar to PPM, CPM refers to the amount of copied pages it can print per minute. The higher the CPM the more prints it can make in one minute.

CPC (Cost Per Copy or Cost Per Click) – The cost associated with printing one piece of paper from a piece of equipment. The cost is based upon the make, model and age of the machine. This CPC covers service and maintenance costs.

Duplex – The process of printing on both sides of one piece of paper at one time (through one pass)

SPF (Single Pass Feeder) – A document feeder which sends an original onto the platen (or past a slit glass) only once; this allows one or many copies to be made

Document Filing – The ability to store documents in public or private folders allowing easy access to the documents through a control panel or web browser

Bypass Tray – This is usually a side tray. It allows you to load heavier paper or card stock

Paper capacity – The amount of paper a particular piece of equipment can hold

Network Print – This feature allows you to have many computers wirelessly print to one networked printer. It eliminates the need to have a printer physically connected to every computer user.

GHz (GigaHertz)– Refers to frequencies in the billions of cycles per second. This term is used to refer to the clock speed of the central processing unit (CPU). The faster the CPU, the faster the processing of data.

GB (Gigabyte) – A measure of computer data storage capacity. It is roughly one billion bytes. It is 1,024 MB (MegaBytes).

MB of RAM (Megabyte of Random Access Memory) – Megabyte is a measure of computer data storage capacity. It is roughly one million bytes. RAM refers to computer data storage capabilities.