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Better communication with your employees and customers can increase productivity and efficiency. You want the best system for your company with the best price available. When it comes to the communication solutions you are looking for, Toshiba has you covered. DPOE is proud to offer two systems that will fit your specific needs.


IPedge Communication System
IPedge is the most complete communications system that Toshiba offers. The system is stored on the network and communicates fully by accessing software that is not installed locally, which eliminates costly and time consuming installations and hardware. With features like call in conferencing and web meeting, this system has all the bells and whistles you are looking for in a communication system.

Strata CIX Communication System
Strata CIX has traditional “PBX” design and supports VoIP. Strata allows you to implement an all IP system, all digital system, or a mix of both. Features include Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), voicemail, call reporting and much more.

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