Video Wall

Video Wall

The Video Wall capabilities are practically limitless. With the ability to create an unlimited amount of displays in almost and size and format, the Video Wall is your new vision to an unforgettable world. Either enlarge a single image across the entire video wall display, or utilize different inputs to create overlapped displays across several of the monitors. Witness the beauty of over 16.77 million colors and 1920 x 1080 resolution. Watch your video wall merge into one display with virtually seamless borders between monitors.

Des Plaines Office Equipment’s Video Wall is a unique addition to our Elk Grove Showroom. Comprised of 9 Sharp PN-V602 60″ monitors, together they create an incredible display that is over 15 feet tall.

The Solution

How does the video wall fit into your office?

Any company in need of large displays, whether it’s to give a larger-than-life presentation, you’re a travel company offering a view into all four corners of the world, or a sports bar that helps dedicated fans everywhere view their favorite team on the big screen, can benefit from the incredible and customization LCD monitors.


60" LCD Monitors

Your video wall is custom-sized to fit your business needs. Each video wall is compromised of multiple
PN-V601 60″ LCD monitors that can be arranged in an almost unlimited number of arrangements. From 2 monitors to 20, from long to wide, your video wall is the creation you’ve always dreamed it could be.

Any Size Arrangement

The monitors can be arranged in almost any size. To a simplified view of 4 monitors strewn together to a massive wall that is impossible to miss, the possibilities are limitless.

Limitless Display Possibilities

For up to 25 monitors in a 5×5 arrangement, a single display can be enlarged across the entire wall. Want to  view two different video feeds at once? No problem. View them both at the same time, side by side. The video wall can also be built with an optional Input/Ouput Expansion Board, allowing even greater control and higher display capabilities. View as many different feeds as you want, on any monitor you want.

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