How to Crush Your Next Presentation

You step into the conference room. You feel ready to present your concept to the company. Everyone trickles in, sits down, and gets ready to listen. What are you going to say? How are you going to execute this presentation? If you're a seasoned public speaker, the answers to these questions are no-brainers. If not, [...]



4 Ways to Attract Young Talent to Your Company

Young employees are the future of your company. They revitalize your business with energy, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas. Hopefully, these employees will stay with you for years to come-maybe even until retirement. Times have changed, and Millennials look for different things in a company than other generations did. Here are a few ideas to help [...]



Three Elements of an Efficient Company Printing Policy

When you started your business, you worked with the basics. You started with a key policy to determine who could access which parts of the building. Then, you built parameters for your stock room and conferencing areas. But as your company expanded, you noticed that some simple aspects of your business weren't working efficiently. Perhaps [...]



Stuck in a Boring Meeting? Use Better Interactive Technology

Every company holds business meetings. Such events are staples of corporate life. Unfortunately, many employees think of meetings as a waste of time. And no one enjoys meetings that seem unorganized, meanderi ng, or off-target. But even if you follow an agenda and stay on subject, you may look around you and still see a [...]



8 Signs You May Need Document Management Solutions

You define your business approach as practical and frugal. You don’t spend money on unnecessary services or items, and you’ve made due with the resources you already have. And so far, your approach has paid off. Your business has flourished and grown, and now you have hundreds of thousands of customers. However, because you have

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6 Tools for a Winning Presentation

Ready to launch a new product? Trying to convince a new client to partner with your business? Training new employees on the benefits of networking?It doesn’t matter if you’re presenting to a small group of people or a large crowd, your presentation will play a key role in how people view your thoughts and ideas.

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Why Multi-functioning Printers Benefit Businesses

  Choosing the right printer for your company is an impactful decision. Because printers have different features and your business may have different needs, it is important to acquire one that fits the job. It will make all the difference for your company’s efficiency and budget. Most businesses have multiple needs when it comes to

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Business Solutions To Increase Productivity

Are you looking for business solutions that will help your company’s procedures run more efficiently and smoothly? With advancing technology, there are many new tools and products that assist with organization and time management. If you want to increase productivity, take advantage of the most effective and latest office equipment to streamline the workflow and

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Why Document Management Is Important for Businesses

The world is quickly advancing and businesses need to keep on top of recent technological developments to stay afloat. If you don’t want your company to get lost in the computer savvy shuffle, learning about the latest office tools and software, such as document management, will help your business run more efficiently and smoothly, resulting

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Office Trees and Document Management

Going green has gained momentum in the business world, and a special software propels green technology even further into the office space. Document Management is a type of software that specializes in filing and organizing electronic documents, allowing ease of access and advanced document security. The good news is the benefits of document management go

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