Professional Air Purifiers

Think surface sanitation is all you need to keep your space clean? What about the fine particulates that spread through your ventilation systems?

Remove up to 99.9% of airborne contaminants with our professional air purifiers. Each air purifier can detect sound, motion and odor, automatically adjusting its performance for hassle-free operation.

AeraMax Professional II
(150-300 Sq. Ft.)

Great for smaller rooms such as bathrooms, exam areas, vestibules and waiting rooms.

AeraMax Professional III
(300-700 Sq. Ft.)

Another great option for smaller to medium sized spaces such as public restrooms, lobbies, vestibules and waiting rooms.

AeraMax Professional IV
(600-1,400 Sq. Ft.)

This model is designed for large spaces such as classrooms, conference rooms, locker rooms and cafeterias.

Let's Clean Your Air!

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