The Cloud

The cloud is—in simplest terms—a virtual server (actually, a “server conglomerate”) that allows a user to store, edit, and download data from just about anywhere. All you need is the ability to access the web, and you can access the cloud. Here, in concise terms, are the main benefits to cloud computing/hosting:

Cost Effective

You pay for what you actually use. Billing and metering of service is also automated on the cloud

Fast & Agile

You don’t have to worry about business costs skyrocketing while your one physical server is down for repairs, because the cloud server conglomerate will always be there working overtime. A job that might normally take days or weeks to accomplish can be done in minutes.

Reduces Human Error

Giving you a streamlined process and better final product.

Let's Put it This Way

Do you want to keep pouring money into your IT budget and get less quality in the end? Or—like Henry Ford did when he created the auto assembly line—do you want a streamlined, flexible, cost-effective model that will grow your business?

Talk to a Des Plaines Office Equipment Company representative today. It’s time to float on the cloud.