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Simply Revolutionary

The future of office equipment is already here at Des Plaines Office Equipment Company. We are an established provider of quality office supplies—we have everything from printers to furniture. Since 1955, our company has offered helpful customer service. We’ve also perfected our products alongside an ever-changing industry.

These days, new developments abound in the world of office technology. By choosing Des Plaines Office Equipment, you can get the latest and greatest products. We partner with highly-rated brands that produce new and usable innovations. One such brand is Sharp, who provides many of our quality multi-function printers.

Digital Presentations

An exciting new product from Sharp is the Aquos Board Interactive Display System. As one of their latest products, this futuristic item is all about access and ease. With it, you can combine any digital presentation with onsite notes and brainstorming. Several parties can write on the shared screen in real time for optimal communication. You can even import scanned documents to the display, and send the edited ones to a printer afterward. Available in different sizes, this touch-screen is perfect for multiple applications including: digital signage, electronic whiteboard, presentation screen and video conferencing.

The Power of Convenience

Convenience abounds when you use the Sharp touch-screen display system. Consolidate your information and communication by saving annotated documents to a PC. Even better, you can send any image made on the whiteboard as an email attachment. The power of sharing and communicating is at your fingertips with this new product. Classroom instruction can also benefit from the system’s LCD screen capabilities. No matter the situation, you can use the Sharp touch-screen to impress your audience. Its bold imaging and crisp capabilities will take you far in the business world.

  • HD LCD pannel with energy-efficient design
  • Display, annotate, store and share information
  • Operate with a Sharp pen or your finger
  • User-intuitive white board software
  • High-performance infrared detection system for quick response
  • Direct Sharp MFP connectivity to import/export data
  • Built-in white board templates, calender, to do list and more!
  • Deliver messages with greater impact
  • Amp up your presentations with just the right touch
  • Control your presentations like a pro
  • Easy interactions with your Sharp MFP or Video Wall
  • Quickly place presentations together with built-in backgrounds
  • Clear digital signage that will attract anyone’s attention