Safeguarding Intellectual Property

What happens to your data once your media devices become obsolete or are replaced with new technology?

Once the device leaves your premises, your data and intellectual property becomes vulnerable. To ensure your private information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, it is wise to physically destroy your IT assets.

Des Plaines Office Equipment is now offering technology destruction services, also known as IT asset disposition as another way for businesses to tackle data security.

On-Site Destruction Service

Schedule a day for one of our technicians to come to our office and your media devices will be destroyed at your facilities. No additional charges.

Off-Site Data Destruction

Drop your devices off at one of our convenient locations and we’ll destroy the devices for you.


Each item will be individually destroyed to a 4x15mm end waste particle. Suitable Media Includes:

  • SSD Drives
  • Smart Phones
  • Mobile Phones
  • Mini-Tablets
  • USB-Sticks

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment for data destruction or learn more about this service, contact us at (847) 879-6400.